The ministry of the St. George choir has as its most solemn responsibility the preparation of appropriate hymns and liturgical directives for all the Sundays and major Feast Days of the ecclesiastical year. With our priest as the primary resource, the choir endeavors to interpret the hymns in a flowing and seamless manner, setting and cultivating a spiritual tone conducive to worship, always striving to learn and improve. The director maintains a special and close relationship with the priest in the researching and introduction of new Greek and English liturgical music, relative to the needs of the parish and the ability of the group. Orthodox composers have and are providing the church with much more expressive music to reflect the stateliness of the Byzantine era.

Greek and English are used throughout the Liturgy. The first and third Sundays are devoted to Congregational Singing using the easy-to-read green unison hymnal. The choir serves in a leadership role with a strong choir voice keeping the service moving as the priest officiates and chants an appropriate pace. The other Sundays use music by Maragos of Rochester and Lawrence of North Carolina. It should be emphasized that the choir sings in the loft every Sunday. Choir rehearsals are held on a regular basis with additional intensive practices for special seasonal occasions.

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