Spiritual Life & Education


The purpose of the catechism program is to provide a basic understanding of the Orthodox Faith including its history, doctrine and traditions. It is open to anyone but required of adults seeking to convert through baptism and/or chrismation. The program is conducted cooperatively with instructors and students of several Orthodox churches in the Twin Cities area. Information about the course including topics and instructors is available at www.meocca.org. We encourage all members of our parish to participate in this course. Anyone can gain new insights through this experience.

Bible Study

The purpose of bible study is to read and examine the sacred scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, understand their teachings in context and learn how to apply these teachings to our daily life. The study of scripture is an absolute necessity for all Orthodox Christians. Please find a time that fits your schedule and join us for enlightening discussion and learning.

The bible studies are usually conducted at Fr. Rick and Pres. Jane's home. See the church calendar for more details.

Greek School

The Greek School teaches interested persons, both children and adults, the modern Greek language, sponsors activities and celebrates events designed to keep Greek traditions and customs alive.

Book Store

The Book Store is open every Sunday after church, and by request of parishioners.

The Book Store stocks books, CDs, icons, tapes, pamphlets, greeting cards, periodicals, and other items which may be helpful to our parishioners and others interested in the Orthodox faith. Along with the items stocked in the bookstore, the bookstore is able to special order items upon request of a parishioner. The bookstore carries materials for adults and children.

Some of the profits from the book store are used to support programs for the needy.